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Take your blog & business from pretty pathetic to Pinterest-perfect in 30 days

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It's going to be epic.

Are you a creative entrepreneur or blogger?

How easy would your life be if you could make stunning, high-converting graphics - that don't take forever?

Here’s the deal: 

You need graphics for your blog, social media feeds, sales pages…And they have to stand out, convert well, look great – in short, they need to be professional! 

So, you can… 

  • Hire a designer, try to explain exactly what you want, hope you get it on time, suck up the cost, and grit your teeth when it’s not what you asked for. Then repeat. 

Not your idea of fun? How about this… 

  • Poke around on YouTube and blogs for random tutorials that tell you one piece of one part of the design look you’re going for, only to realize that half a day has passed and most of what you found is outdated anyway. 

Why would you do that to yourself? 

I used to stress about making graphics for every area of my blog and business. I thought it didn’t matter how good I was in other areas – if I didn’t get the “look” right, no one would hang around! So I spent so much time obsessing over the perfect graphics that I never had time to run my business! Not a good model for future success, in case you’re wondering. 

But once I got my workflow down in Photoshop, creating new graphics became the fun part of my routine – and it doesn’t hurt that my graphics get noticed on Pinterest, Instagram, and wherever I use them. 

Design School Course


The secret to creating quick, killer graphics is not about technical skill - it's about workflow.

What does that even mean?

THIS – You don’t need to know a lot of complicated tricks and hacks to make your own stunning graphics. You just need to know the RIGHT tools and processes to use. 

My goal: Teach you the easy-to-follow steps I use that result in graphics you're proud of. 

I want you to be excited - because you can do this.

Angela Guzzo

I have used Photoshop in the past, but I had been using Canva because it seemed so much easier with all the built in templates, fonts and stock images. It took about two weeks before I was seriously frustrated. I quickly outgrew the templates and wanted to do something of my own, but I couldn’t get Canva to do what I wanted. I spent about five minutes with Ang and she told me how to do what I wanted to do in Photoshop and it was SO EASY. She showed me slick tricks that I never knew existed, and I’ve been dabbling with Photoshop for years! Thanks to Ang I can knock my graphics out like a champ and they’re exactly what I want. I’ll never go back to Canva.

- Angela Guzzo,

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If you're tired of being limited by Canva or frustrated by Photoshop, let me show you how to win at graphic design.

Angela Rosseau

About your instructor:

I’m Angela Rosseau (Ang for short). I make graphic design easy for bloggers, social media lovers, and creative entrepreneurs. I’ve worked in graphic design for more than 10 years, and I was an ESL Western History teacher in Asia before that – I’ve had some experience in creative communication! Like the time I taught about Henry VIII by turning the class into a game show with his eight wives as contestants…so much fun. 

If you’re ready to trade in the overwhelm for excitement and turn “someday” into TODAY, let’s be buddies. We’ll make it happen.